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    The Math Classroom Online is the home-based learning version of The Math Classroom.

    It was conceived due to popular demand by students during COVID and after.


    The Math Classroom is one of the top math centres in the country.

    Over the last 3 years, 96% of our students have achieved A*s and As in the PSLE math paper.


    The Math Classroom’s mission is to help every student get into their top-choice

    secondary school by excelling in mathematics

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  • What is the learning format?


    • Students learn the same educational content as at our centres.
    • The lesson will be very structured with opportunities for students to ask questions at strategic points.
    • There will be opportunities to work in pairs to foster group learning.
    • There may be quizzes at the end of each lesson to assess learning.
    • Students will be assigned homework and are encouraged to go over course material at their leisure after each lesson to internalize their learning. This is very important given the reduced interaction that is inevitable with online learning.

    The above format allows us to harness the benefits of online learning and maximize the learning benefits for students.


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    Teachers will go through the lesson notes and examples, highlighting the important ideas and points of note.

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    Students will be given time to tackle questions under close supervision of the teacher.

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    Some lessons will be of a shorter duration of 90 mins, so to maintain high levels of student engagement throughout the lesson.

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    The questions will be more varied for our online class; this promotes creative thinking and discussion among students.

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    Teachers may promote peer learning by allowing small group work in breakout rooms, and highlighting or discussing work done by students in the class.

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    Students will be allocated homework, which lets them engage with the material in depth and increases their problem-solving proficiency.

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    There may be quizzes and games at the end of the lesson to challenge students.

  • Is this format of learning suitable for all students?

    While online learning brings convenience to students and parents, it is only effective if the student possesses the following qualities.



    Has self-discipline to complete his homework at home. This will ensure that his learning progress does not fall behind his peers in class.


    Interest in Math

    Enjoys learning math and has a strong desire and motivation to improve.



    Takes charge of his learning and is willing to proactively ask questions and clarify doubts in class



    Has a strong attention span and can remain focused with an online lesson for 90 minutes



    Is a B student or A student who wants to make significant improvements and consistently score A*s and As in tests and exams.

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    Who will be teaching these lessons?

    The lessons will be taught by regular teachers from The Math Classroom, who are experienced and highly qualified. Many are degree holders with math and math-related degrees and have collectively contributed to our laudable track record of having a 96% distinction rate in the PSLE math paper from 2017 to 2019. 

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    What software and hardware are needed?

    We will courier the assignments to students before each lesson. Lessons will be conducted on Zoom. Students should have access to a computer and reliable high-speed internet access.

    In addition to the laptop, it is recommended to use a separate tablet as a document camera or projector, so that teachers can monitor the student’s work in real time. Phones can be mounted with a table-top phone or tablet holder, available in many stores including Amazon SG.

  • FAQs

    Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes! We are confident and committed to providing you with top quality instruction. However, if you are not satisfied for any reason, please let us know within the same day of the first lesson and we will refund you the remainder of the fees

    How many lessons do I have to pay for each time?

    Our fees are payable for the entire term. If you join midway through a term, fees will be payable until the end of the term. We would like students to try us out for at least a term because it is difficult to see results immediately within 1 or 2 lessons.

    What happens if I miss class?

    Teachers will post updates on our learning management system to update students on what was covered in class and what is assigned for homework. There will be video recordings going through notes and questions covered in class. Students can refer to the recordings at their own convenience.

    What happens if the teacher is ill?

    We will either have the teacher reschedule his/her class or have another teacher relief that class. If either is not possible, we will refund the fees for that lesson.

    Why are you moving online?

    Over the last 5 years, The Math Classroom has grown quickly. Even as we expand our physical locations, we are not able to accommodate every student’s preferred day and time due to space constraints. Starting online classes allows us to cater to 3 groups of students:

    1. Those who live far from our centres and for whom traveling may be challenging and time-consuming
    2. Those who live overseas
    3. Those with scheduling conflicts

    What happens after signing up?

    1. Students will be given details on how to download Zoom and attend online zoom classes
    2. Weekly assignments will be mailed to students’ home addresses
    3. Teachers will provide instructions on how to scan and upload homework
    4. Students will be provided with video solutions for homework and questions covered in class
    5. Enjoy!