• FAQs

    Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes! We are confident and committed to providing you with top quality instruction. However, if you are not satisfied for any reason, please let us know within the same day of the first lesson and we will refund you the remainder of the fees

      How many lessons do I have to pay for each time?

      Our fees are payable for the entire term. If you join midway through a term, fees will be payable until the end of the term. We would like students to try us out for at least a term because it is difficult to see results immediately within 1 or 2 lessons.

        What happens if I miss class?

        Teachers will post updates on our learning management system to update students on what was covered in class and what is assigned for homework. There will be video recordings going through notes and questions covered in class. Students can refer to the recordings at their own convenience.

        What happens if the teacher is ill?

        We will either have the teacher reschedule his/her class or have another teacher relief that class. If either is not possible, we will refund the fees for that lesson.

        Why are you moving online?

        Over the last 5 years, The Math Classroom has grown quickly. Even as we expand our physical locations, we are not able to accommodate every student’s preferred day and time due to space constraints. Starting online classes allows us to cater to 3 groups of students:

        1. Those who live far from our centres and for whom traveling may be challenging and time-consuming
        2. Those who live overseas
        3. Those with scheduling conflicts

        What happens after signing up?

        1. Students will be given details on how to download Zoom and attend online zoom classes
        2. Weekly assignments will be mailed to students’ home addresses
        3. Teachers will provide instructions on how to scan and upload homework
        4. Students will be provided with video solutions for homework and questions covered in class
        5. Enjoy!